Our Purpose

Surroundings Market is here to help you:

  • Host beautiful stress-free gatherings
  • Host gatherings where you can actually ENJOY your own party 🎉
  • Be surrounded by friends and family that you love.

Our Beginnings

My name is Britt and I am a wife to a great guy, a mom to 5 kiddos and 1 happy dog. I am also the creator of Surroundings Market. 

Our family loves to host family and friends for Sunday dinners, parties, holidays, and backyard barbecues.

For the first 10 or so years of our marriage, every time ANYONE and I mean anyone, would come to our home for a meal, I would spend countless hours making sure everything was perfect. I would go through the house room by room cleaning, dusting and redecorating.  I would spend hours and hours in the kitchen cooking Pinterest-worthy meals to WOW our guests.

But the problem was that by the time our guests finally arrived I always ended up overwhelmed and stressed out.

So much so, that it was difficult to enjoy their company.  And then when the party was finally over I was so exhausted and overwhelmed by the work left to do, that I would say that I would never host another party again.

It wasn't until I was invited to a friend's home for dinner, that I finally realized something... 

I watched my friend work to make everything perfect, just to impress us.  I offered to help but she turned down my offers.  She looked so tired and overwhelmed.  I thought to myself,  "This is so nice.  But, she doesn't need to impress me."  Her efforts made me feel like our visit was a burden for her.  And of course, slap in the face, I thought, "Wow, if I feel this way, then my guests probably feel the same way when they visit us."  

I realized that the things my guests remembered most, was not how perfectly clean and decorated our house was or how many hours I spent preparing gourmet dishes. 

Nope.  It was the way that I made them feel.  It was that we were inviting them into our home and making sure that they felt welcome and comfortable. And that if I wanted my guests to be happy and comfortable in my home, I needed to change my focus from perfection to them.

Over the years, I've learned how to simplify things. 

I still like to make things look beautiful, and serve yummy recipe-coveting food, but in ways that are less stressful, time consuming and are enjoyable for everyone, including me!

And that is what we want for you too!