8 Shops to Find UNIQUE Party Cups

8 Shops to Find UNIQUE Party Cups

blue cups cup holder

"Where do you buy your cups?"

We get this question a lot because our photographers use the cutest cups in their photography.  Especially the turquoise cups featured above.  And let's face it, not every party needs red Solo cups.

Our favorite source is Zurchers (where possible, shop locally to save on shipping.)

They carry the large 16 oz plastic cups in just about every color with matching plates and plasticware.  If you are looking for plates choose the 10.25 plates as they are a perfect fit for our plate holder.

Another source, usually for a great price and if you are feeding a large crowd, is Sams Club.  They carry multiple color packs, seasonally and fun seasonal plates too!    

Another source is Amazon. Here's a link to their best sellers

The 18 oz cups and smaller fit best in our cup holder.  Plus this list includes paper and biodegradable cups if you are in the market!

They also carry reusable Solo style cups that you can use with a thin dry erase marker for easy labeling and re-washing.

And always a great place for party supplies Oriental Trading.  Click the link to sort by color

Oh and the cutest paperware on the block... Oh Happy Day!

Target and Walmart also have some great options seasonally, but can be hit and miss.  

And of course the Dollar Tree has great budget options for party disposables.

Best wishes on your cup search, friend!

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