7 Tips for an Outdoor Fall Party

7 Tips for an Outdoor Fall Party

Are you planning a fun, outdoor fall party this year? Maybe you have a few ideas but aren’t sure how to pull them together or maybe you’re starting with a completely clean slate. We’ve gathered 7 great tips to help make sure your fall party is amazing!

7 tips for an outdoor fall party.

7 Tips for an Outdoor Fall Party

Choose the perfect location for your fall party.

This could be the easiest (or hardest!) aspect of party planning. If you already know where your party will be, skip ahead! If you’re still deciding then you may want to keep these tips in mind. Fall weather can be unpredictable so look for a location that has indoor and outdoor seating and standing options. This will help should the weather turn bad. You can create “indoor/outdoor” space by using a tent or portable shelter as a backup.

Other things you may want to look for include the general atmosphere. Hosting a party in a park or natural area will help with decorations (hello nature!) whereas a more industrial or basic location means you’ll need to do a bit of work to get the fall theme to be present.

Create a fall atmosphere.

As mentioned above, if your party is held in a more natural area you won’t have to do as much work to create a fall atmosphere. To bring more fall feel to your party, one simple trick would be to hold your party later in the day. As the sun goes down, dusk provides a very nice ambiance. The use of candles and lights are one way to easily transition from day to night.  

Don’t forget seating! Even if your party is outdoors your guests will want somewhere to sit and place their food and drinks. Keep it rustic with items like hay bales or go a bit more chic with covered chairs and tables. A few fall flowers tied to the back of a chair can easily double both as seating and decorations! 

Use Fall-inspired decorations.

Some of the best decorations for fall are natural items found nearby. Think of things like leaves, twigs, pumpkins, and flowers to make a natural arrangement. You can also use things like candles and a variety of different textiles - think burlap or gingham - to add interesting color and texture to your tables and sitting areas. Gather a bunch of fall flowers in a couple of grass rope baskets.

Use a singular color palette to keep the visual appeal of your party space. Dark jewel tones, rustic fall colors or stark black, whites, and reds are all interesting fall color choices. 

Fall decorations on a table.

Decide on the perfect Fall party foods.

Let’s face it, food is one of the most important parts of a party. You could do a few things with food. Go with an all finger food or all appetizer party with a mixture of different fall favorites. Things like pigs in a blanket or corn dogs are a fun treat for all ages. Pulled pork or chicken sandwiches are easy to prepare in advance and serve a crowd. 

For a more formal dinner, think warm, inviting flavors with a cozy feel. Soups, roast vegetables or meats and tart pops of flavor all evoke a sense of fall. This type of meal lends itself better to a family style serving which is perfect for a welcoming fall meal!

Don’t forget the dessert (and drinks)!

There is no shortage of great desserts that are perfect for a fall party. Pies and tarts are some of the first things that come to mind. No matter what you choose for your main meal, make sure there’s a few sweet items too. 

You could even host an all desserts party! Pick several favorites or have each guest bring their own dessert and let guests vote on which was the best. All for fun of course!

A great thing about fall is that you can serve cold or warm drinks and it works. If you’ll be having a party that goes from day to night, have colder items available during the and then a few warmer options as the sun goes down. Drinks like hot apple cider and hot cocoa can be made both as an all around beverage and in adult version. 

Have a backup plan.

A final tip to keep in mind is to have a backup plan. Sure, we all want to have a fun time outside but what happens if it rains or is extra cold the day of your party? Do you have a tent or a barn available that guests could move into? A garage could also serve this purpose. The last thing anyone wants to do is cancel their party but this may also be inevitable. Have a plan ready in advance so you’re not scrambling the day of.

Final Thoughts

While planning your outdoor party, don't forget to grab the best cups, use a cute cup holder, and get decor that can be reused for another gathering. These tips are sure to help you host the most amazing fall-inspired gathering. Don't forget to tell us your best tips in the comments below.

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