7 Fall-Themed Party Ideas

7 Fall-Themed Party Ideas

There's nothing more beautiful than a fall-themed party. There's something special about the weather, the scenery, and when it comes to planning a fall party, there are so many directions you can go. Of course, your overall theme and feel may also have something to do with the area you live, but it's still doable. For example, it’s hard to have a party with changing leaves if you live in the desert. But, even with limitations it doesn’t mean you can’t have the most amazing party! 

Here are 7 different party ideas that you can start planning now. 

7 fall-themed party ideas

7 Best Fall-Themed Party Ideas

Old Fashioned Fall Fun

You can’t go wrong if you decide to throw an old fashioned fall harvest party. Prepare drinks like hot apple cider and have your party decorated with leaves, hay and pumpkins. Snacks are always good and you can always stick to classics like hot dogs to keep things simple. Candied apples or funnel cakes are also a fun, sweet treat. For games, bobbing for apples, a three legged race, and the toilet paper mummy wrap are simple to put together and fun to play.

Bonfires and Baubles

This isn’t your normal tea party but that doesn’t mean your guests can’t dress up. Encourage everyone to come with their favorite over the top dress-up style and then treat them to an outdoor bonfire party! It’s a different, and fun way to do a typical fall activity. Have finger foods available and plenty of cold drinks for this fall themed party. 

All the Pie!

Who doesn’t love pie and who wouldn’t love a fall pie themed party!? For this celebration you can make use of the bounty of fall produce to either have all pie based foods or get the group involved to see who can bake the best pie to share. Hand pies or pies on a stick are also ideas if you don’t want to bake the whole thing. A pie eating contest is sure to be a fun activity for the party or a pie throwing game!

Fall-themed pies on a table.

A Corny Party 

Head to a local corn maze for this fun-filled party theme. After getting lost (and found) in the maze, guests can head to the buffet table for a popcorn buffet! Have plenty of popcorn ready to go and any and everything you can think of for toppings. A blow up projection screen and some comfy chairs or hay bales serve as the seating area for fall film. Other corn themed games like cornhole and a “guess how many kernels” jar guessing game could also be included.

Apple of my Eye

If you have access to an apple orchard you could either visit or host your party at the location with this apple theme. Enjoy traditional orchard activities like a hayride and set up stations so your guests could either dip their own caramel apples with all types of toppings available for coating. Or, go with apple nachos where the apples are pre-sliced and can be drizzled and topped. For games try an apple race where players have to get all the apples in one basket, passed through everyone in line to fill up the basket on the other end the fastest! Or, try the classic - bobbing for apples!

Pumpkin Painting

Is it really a fall party if there are no pumpkins involved? Pottery and picture painting parties are all the rage lately so why not extend that theme to pumpkins? You can either host this at a pumpkin patch where people can choose their own pumpkin or have them ready for your guests on arrival. Set out plenty of supplies so that the painting can begin. This is also a good party idea for any age group. 

Costume Ball

This suggestion is a bit less traditional but why not throw a glamorous fall party? Keeping in line with the idea of fall costumes, invite your guests to dress up in their favorite elegant attire. You might even specify a specific historical period or theme. Rent a space that can be used for dancing and of course taking beautiful pictures. For food and drinks stick to seasonal finger foods and classy cocktails.

Final Thoughts

Putting together a Fall-themed party can be super fun and really beautiful. Don't forget to add unique touches with our wooden cup holder and sea grass rope baskets. Let us know what you're planning for your next Fall-themed gathering!

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