5 Best Summer Party Theme Ideas

5 Best Summer Party Theme Ideas

If you plan on having any kind of gathering this season then you’ll want to check out our best summer party theme ideas. These are weather-complimenting, colorful, and innovative. Your guests will be excited to attend and everyone present will have a great time.

5 best summer party theme ideas.

What kind of party are you having?

Before choosing a summer party theme, think about the kind of party (or gathering) you will be hosting. Will this be a party for the family? Friends? Co-workers? Or, a social gathering? Perhaps you’ll be hosting a surprise birthday party or baby shower. With this question in mind, determine who will be on the guest list and then you can decide on the perfect theme to follow. 

Best Summer Party Theme Ideas

Most of these themes can accommodate just about any gathering you can think of. Simply scale up or down on the decorations, menu, activities/games, and the like. A good rule of thumb is to KISS: keep it simple sweety. :)

Island Luau

Bring a taste of the tropical Hawaiin island to your backyard with a classical luau-themed party. These are super fun and easy to decorate for and you could provide your guests with some island-style attire. Lei’s, floral headbands, palm-covered table cloths, and pineapple centerpieces are all typically inexpensive to purchase and often come in party sets. Island-style foods and drinks to consider having are: pineapples, mangos, plantains, coconut water, and (alcohol-free) pina coladas.

Summer Olympics

Come from an athletic background and enjoy catching the summer Olympics? Then why not host an Olympic-themed summer party! This can easily be accompanied by the classic Olympic rings, the colors: blue, black, red, yellow, and green, as well as decor like:

  • Medals
  • Flag banners
  • Torches

Make it an interactive summer party by having games, activities, and a reward ceremony. This would be a great party idea for families with children. Don’t forget the food! Go for finger foods such as fruit, mini sandwiches, and crackers with a cream cheese ball.

Glow in the Yard

This would be a nighttime summer party to remember. You’ll have to wait until the sun goes down and light up the backyard with light-up elements. Consider setting up a glow bar filled with all sorts of glow-in-the-dark supplies, such as glasses, necklaces, bracelets, hats, and light-up cups. This type of summer party screams of fun music, dancing, and good food. If you’ll be hosting this with kids involved, consider having a glow-in-the-dark obstacle course for them to try!

Balloons and confetti on a table.

Carnival Summer Party

Bring out all things red, white, and circus-themed! There is so much you can do with a carnival-themed summer party. Whether you choose to set up popcorn and cotton candy stands or opt-in for an amazing balloon show, this will surely be a hit. A carnival party is also really versatile. You could have it for a birthday party, baby shower, or just because. Balloons, red and white striped table cloths, and carnival games are great places to start for pulling this theme off.

Backyard Movie

This may not sound like much of a summer party theme, but it’s actually a classic hit! Setting up a backyard movie summer party is as easy as:

  • Getting a projector and screen (which can be inexpensive depending on brand/type).
  • Choosing a good movie everyone will enjoy.
  • Setting up comfortable seating.
  • Having theatre-style foods (popcorn, soda, and candy!).

When guests arrive, have them “check-in” and “pay” for the movie with their special movie invitation. Then have them head over to order their popcorn, drink, and candy. Once everyone is settled, let the movie roll!

How to Host the Best Summer Party Ever

You’ve picked the party type and theme. Now what? First and foremost, budget. You don’t want to deplete your savings account from trying to host a summer party. Give yourself a set spending amount and stick with it.

Next, create a party planning checklist. This is where you’ll write down everything you need to do, purchase, and have completed by party time. Give yourself plenty of time just in case you have to order things online. Pay attention to expected shipping and delivery dates. To dodge the possibility of things not being delivered in time, try to get as much from a local store as possible.

Be sure to send your invitations with plenty of time for your guests to respond. At the same time, recruit any help you may need to make the summer party happen with grace and ease. Overall, it’s about gathering people together, making memories, and having fun while doing it!

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