5 Activities to Do at Your Family Gatherings

5 Activities to Do at Your Family Gatherings

Looking for some fun and exciting activities to do at your family gatherings? We’ve put together some of the best ideas for any family size and are enjoyable kids and adults alike. 

Five activities to do at your family gatherings.

Build Traditions with Family Gatherings

Looking back on some of the family gatherings or reunions you may have attended as a child, what comes to mind? For most of us kids, we looked forward to the food and activities. Getting together with our cousins made for a good time of catch up and an even better time for a little friendly competition.

Little did we know, these family gatherings would turn into traditions that many of us still carry on right now today. Not to mention, there are amazing benefits to having family gatherings. They help you stay in connection with distant (and close) family members. It’s also proven that families that meet together often have much stronger bonds. 

Last but not least, family gatherings also help children build identity, feel comforted, and be supported. As you plan your next family get together, keep these benefits in mind and plan to include some of the activities below.

5 Activities to Do at Your Family Gatherings

Create a family album together. 

This is one of those activities that’s fun but also gives the family an opportunity to create memories that they can look back at later. To put this into motion for your family, simply set up a separate table or a tent where the family members can gather in-between other activities to prepare the photo album. Have them bring photos that they love and stick them in the album. You can also provide scrapbooking materials if someone wants to add an extra creative touch.

Organize a family sports day.

If your family members have always loved playing sports, this can be the perfect family gathering activity. Plus, it allows everyone to run around instead of just sitting and talking. 

Based on what everyone in your family likes and can play comfortably, you can organize a few sports to play during the gathering. Whether it's racing, basketball, balloon toss or anything else, you can definitely have a good time by playing sport-related games with the family. It will also help you burn a few calories from all the yummy food! 

A family playing games together.

Host a family award night and give unique titles to your loved ones. 

This has always been a game that people play with friends, but it can also be a fun family gathering activity to encourage family members. 

Come up with some unique awards and choose as a family who the award needs to be given to. Once you pick someone, you can give them a medal or some sort of gift and even make them give an award winning speech. This is a nice way to add more fun to the usual gatherings and make people happy by the end of the night. 

Include a family movie night.

If you have a nice backyard and the weather is appropriate, you can organize movie nights outside and watch movies with your family. Movie nights can also be the best way to introduce your family to your favorite movies and also know what your family members like to watch. If any members have old family videos, opt in for showing a few of those.

Combine movie night with some of your family’s best “secret” recipes, snacks, and drinks. This will be a memory that will be talked about for years to come.

Family talent shows to let everyone show off their talent.

These don't have to be as serious as they sound. Simply encourage your family members to stand up willingly and show off any talent that they are proud of. 

Whether it's singing, acting, or some hidden talent, this can give you a chance to know your family members a little better and appreciate their talents. It also helps family members look forward to the gathering as they get to show what they are good at. 


Your family tradition can be anything as long as it enables you to make amazing memories with your loved ones and have a great time together.  Next time you’re hosting the family gathering, snag our suggestions above. We hope these will help you organize an amazing night (or day) together with your family and enjoy their company to the max!

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